Campfire Cook Recipe – Newbury Jamaican Wrap

Newbury Jamaican Wraps Near to one of my previous jobs there was a little sandwich shop run by an older Jamaican woman (Unfortunately the passage of time has led me to forget her name and the shop is no longer there). I popped in one day for something “different” and she proceeded to put together one of the finest wraps I have ever tasted. Ingredients 1 Pack of tortilla wraps 1 Red pepper ½ A red onion 2 Chicken breasts 75g Of sour cream 50g Of grated chedder cheese 1 Teaspoon of cayenne pepper ½ Teaspoon of paprika 1 Teaspoon of jerk seasoning Oil for cooking

  1. Deseed the red pepper then cut the red pepper, onion and chicken into long thin strips
  2. Hang your dutch oven over your fire, when hot enough add oil
  3. Cook the onion on a medium heat until translucent, add the peppers and chicken and cook through.
  4. Add the cayenne pepper, paprika and jerk seasoning and stir in
  5. remove from direct heat and add the sour cream and grated cheddar, stiring until all is mixed in.
  6. Heat the wraps on the lid of the dutch oven till soft
  7. Serve and let everyone get messy!

A quick tip, when i’m going for a decent length hike I take a couple of these with me for lunch. Cook in the morning and then wrap the wrap in tin foil, it should still be warm when you go to eat hours later :)