Liz’s simple guide to de-breasting a pheasant

Step 1 Lay the phezzie on it back, legs spread apart. Take a pinch of the skin near the top of the breasts and make a little nick with your knife.

Step 2 Pop your knife into the nick you have made and slide down the belly to the bottom of the bird. Take care to keep the knife up and away from the breasts while you do this.

Step 3 Now use tour hands to pull apart the skin and expose the breasts. Lovely!

Step 4 You will be able to see and feel the breastbone very easily, separating the breasts. Take a knife and run in down one side of the breastbone very carefully taking off the first breast. Make sure you stay right up against the breastbone to get as much meat off as possible.

Step 5 Repeat the same process with the other breast.

Boom, done! Easy right? Any of the Bear Blades knifes are great for butchering small game, but I have used The Classic 4” for this bird, perfect for the job.