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The Diary of an AirGun Hunter – Part 1 by Steve Miller

I have a few places where I hunt using air rifles. These places have rabbit and pigeon problems and I’ve been going there for years but mainly to practice shooting at targets etc and, in exchange for these shooting permissions I help to control their pest problems for free.

Spring foraging, Tim’s wild garlic pesto recipe!

Here is a quick recipe for one of my spring faves, wild garlic pesto; Note – please let anyone in the house know you are going to make this in advance, wild garlic is quite pungent!

Get into the woods! by Tim Latter

Sitting in the woodland, on a carpet of sphagnum moss, under a canopy of broadleaf. The sweet scent of wildflowers infuses with the musky smell ...

Liz’s simple guide to de-breasting a pheasant

Step 1 Lay the phezzie on it back, legs spread apart. Take a pinch of the skin near the top of the breasts and make a ...

Bear Blades guide to batoning

A knife is a poor substitute for a good axe and you should always use the correct tool for the job. However situations do ...

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